Published by the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia
Handprinted lithograph, in four separate runs, on Lana Royal paper, 66 x 51.7 cm
- Handmade prints, Amsterdam, 2010
- Collection Cornelia Weijsenfeld, de Wittenberg, Garderen
The lithograph 'The Supermodel' by Marlene Dumas stands as a notable piece in her body of work, depicting the iconic supermodel Naomi Campbell. Housed in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, this artwork serves as a captivating testament to Dumas' distinctive and refined artistic style. Through the lens of her lithographic technique, Dumas captures not only the external glamour associated with supermodels but also infuses the portrayal with a subtle undercurrent of melancholy. The work not only showcases Dumas' technical skill but also invites viewers to engage with the complex interplay between beauty, celebrity, and the underlying emotions that permeate her subjects. 'The Supermodel' thus becomes a poignant exploration of both the allure and the vulnerabilities inherent in the world of supermodels, encapsulating the nuanced storytelling that characterizes Dumas' artistic approach.
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