Published by Marcel Kalksma Handmade Prints, Amsterdam
Handprinted lithograph, in four separate runs, on Lana Royal paper, 66 x 52.2 cm
- Handmade prints, Amsterdam, 2010
- Collection Cornelia Weijsenfeld, de Wittenberg, Garderen
Crafted in 1995, 'Billie Holiday' is a lithograph by Marlene Dumas that shows her distinctive and melancholic aesthetic. The piece provides a unique lens through which to view the legendary jazz singer. Held within the prestigious collection of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the artwork showcases Dumas' ability to evoke emotion and complexity in her subjects. Notably different from Dumas' iconic oil portrait of Billie Holiday from the same year, this lithograph offers a fresh and, perhaps, more introspective perspective on the celebrated vocalist. The interplay of refinement and melancholy within the lithograph adds layers of emotional depth, encouraging viewers to immerse themselves in the nuanced interpretation of Billie Holiday's persona by the artist.
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